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Elan Financial Services has been an expert in the ATM industry since 1994, developing customized solutions for Vault Cash, Cash Management, POS/ATM Network Sponsorship and ACH Origination. Elan Financial Services supplies and/or manages close to $1,000,000,000 in Vault Cash and Cash Management services to over 15,000 ATMs and Advance Function Kiosks nationwide.

Elan Financial Services is committed to providing programs that offer comprehensive solutions.  We have devoted substantial resources and infrastructure to develop our proprietary TRAKKERSM,  Cash Management Software, specifically for the needs of the ATM and Kiosk industry. In house programming gives us the ability to customize of our software and reports to meet our clients’ needs. This sophisticated approach allows us to automate cash and management functions and to specialize in all size conversions, handling everything from setup to claims. With our highly qualified staff, TRAKKERSM, Cash Management Software, and corporate commitment to excellence, Elan Financial Services is the premier provider of cash services for the ATM and Kiosk industry.

TRAKKERSM, Cash Management Software, is the foundation of our electronic banking solutions. This proprietary software program allows us to automate all back room management functions, from cash ordering to reconciliation and settlement, accurately and efficiently. Developed specifically for the ATM and Kiosk industry, TRAKKERSM allows us to customize our software and reports to meet our clients’ needs. 

Custom integration
.....Next generation automation 

Developed specifically for the ATM and Kiosk industry
Scalable software solution for both large and small deployments
Completely automated system for terminal balancing, reconciliation, forecasting and ordering
Incorporates a complete general ledger system
Established interfaces with all major processors and armored carriers
Interfaces with popular third party management and forecasting tools
Customization to meet clients’ needs
Flexible data import and export feature
Internet access

Our mission is to be the Terminal Management Outsource Solution for the EFT Industry.

Our success depends on the success of our customers.

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